How do you want to be remembered

“Today Thai people, team Thailand, achieved mission impossible,” said Narongsak Osatanakorn, the head of the joint command centre coordinating the operation to applause and cheers on Tuesday evening. On Tuesday the 10th of July 2018, media was awash with jubilation reports as all twelve members of a boy’s football team and their coach had been rescued, after being trapped in a cave in Thailand for 18 days.

The Thai navy Seals, who had been running the operation, confirmed that all 13 were out. “We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science or what”, the Seals said on their Facebook page. Undoubtedly, there was a huge price that had to be paid for this rescue operation. Tributes have been paid to Saman Kunan, a former navy Seal diver who died in the attempted rescue of a group of Thai boys trapped in the cave. The former Seal died at about 1am on Friday the 6th of July, when he ran out of oxygen on his way back to the surface after placing air tanks along the two-mile route to the boys, in a bid to refresh the air supply in the cave. “His job was to deliver oxygen. He did not have enough on his way back,” the Chiang Rai deputy governor said. Kunan, who had volunteered for the rescue and was reportedly 38, was a keen runner and was photographed after competing in a triathlon. A video emerged of him waiting to board a plane to join the rescue mission in Chiang Rai. “I am at Suvarnabhumi airport waiting to board the plane to join the mission in Chiang Rai. “I’m accompanied by doctors from the navy and divers from SeaWorld that also donated lots of diving equipment. See you this evening. We will bring the kids home.” The Thai armed forces website offered condolences to Kunan’s family and wrote: “Cave diving is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.”

What do you want to be remembered for?

Have you thought of the question, “What do you want to be remembered for?” What do you want your kids, your grandchildren and the people in your life to remember you for? Do you want to leave a legacy behind? I found it very interesting when I learnt about how the Nobel Prizes actually came about. A French newspaper published Alfred Nobel’s obituary by mistake, saying “the merchant of death is dead” and that “he made his fortune by finding a way to kill the most people as ever before in the shortest time possible.” They were referring to him inventing dynamite. Alfred Nobel, still alive, became horrified as he read this. He then went on to establish the Nobel Prizes and changed his will to donate most of his fortune to the Nobel Prize foundation. Today, he is remembered for peace and progress. This is an extreme example of how Alfred Nobel realised the legacy he was leaving behind wasn’t at all what he wanted to be remembered for. But you shouldn’t wait for your local newspaper to publish your obituary by mistake to have a similar revelation. Your opportunity is to have that today.

Here are some areas you can possibly attend to during your lifetime:

  1. Give Generously

When you give with selflessness and love you start a cycle of positivity and affection. You build a bond with the person you are giving to, from which you both benefit. You receive the personal reward of peace, happiness, and harmony, while the receiving person receives your love. Giving is not necessarily about money or physical goods. You can give love, respect, kindness, and even friendship!

  1. Have Time for Others

The people you remember the most are those who you shared positive time with. Time is the most valuable thing a person has and by sharing it with others one nurtures mutual love. This love benefits both people and brings happiness to their lives. So don’t spend all your time in the “grind” or “hustle” without making time for friends, family, and loved ones.

  1. Be Helpful

By simply being helpful you can make one person’s life a little better. This sense of care allows love to flourish and grow. This love is what brings peace in life. Lend a hand whenever you can and try to make the lives of others easier. This can apply to your spouse, to your children, to your parents and even your friends. There is always something you can do for someone to make their day just that much better.

4.Respect Everyone

By showing respect you earn a quality reputation which makes people very affectionate towards you. This affection is something which is not easily forgotten and therefore makes you a more memorable person. So don’t gossip, backbite, or put other people down. Make it your life’s goal to treat everyone with respect, honour, and dignity. Always put yourself in the place of others and treat them how you would like to be treated.

  1. Be Genuine

When you are genuine and sincere you automatically become a more likable person, who people love and remember. Truth and honesty are two qualities which define a person legacy. So become a person everyone can trust. Be reliable and fair in your dealings be they be at home, school or work and make sure to always, ALWAYS tell the truth not matter how hard.

How to discover what you want to be remembered for

  1. Write about your “Best Possible Self”for 30 minutes every day for 5 days in a row. Write about what life would look like in 3 years, 5 years and 10 years if you were your Best Possible Self.
  2. Write down your top 8 goals right now. These goals could be intentions, wishes, desires & motives. Once you’ve written them down, look at them and see if they reflect how you want to be remembered.
  3. Write your obituary. Imagine you’ve just passed away of old age and think about what you would like people to write in your obituary.

For most of us, leaving a legacy when we die is really important. When Saman Kunan bid his family and friends farewell on his way to the rescue mission in the cave, he did not know he would he was on his way to meet his own death.  Life is short, so making an impact on the world is our only chance to have lasting influence or importance. So how do you want to be remembered when you die? It’s up to you to make the decision and live your life accordingly.

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