Who are you flocking with?

Who are you flocking with?

The Law of Attraction or the Law of Magnetism would say that you attract and surround yourself with people similar to yourself. Have you ever stopped to wonder if the people you have surrounded yourself with is indicative of the type of person you are, or whether you are a product of the group of people around you? Did you draw them to you, or did you change to become like them? What have the people around you helped you to become?

Have they lifted you or brought you down? Do you feel happier around them or more negative? Do they have the same types of goals that you do? Are they positive and uplifting? Do your friends make you want to be a better person? If the people you associate with don’t push you to be better, then it is highly unlikely that you will have the energy and support to follow your goals or dreams.  But when you are surrounded by people who are motivated to improve their lives, you will suddenly find that you are more productive and proactive about chasing self-improvement. Just being around them makes you want to work harder towards your goals so that you can feel comfortable in the group.

Chickens Walk, Eagles Soar

You have many choices in life and one really important one is choosing to be an eagle or a chicken. Eagles soar with other eagles high above the clouds and are fierce, while chickens scratch on the ground and walk around with other chickens not doing much of anything. Thomas Carlyle said that “the block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong.” This saying definitely describes the difference precisely between eagles and chickens. Eagles look at the obstacles in life as just stepping stones towards their own success in helping others and accomplishing their future goals. Chickens give up easily and tend to be fragile and don’t stay the course when difficulties present themselves. Eagles adapt to forever changing environments and rise above adversity with others like themselves. They fight for what is right and do not allow the opinions of others to get them off their journey and obtaining their desired goals. They take life by the horns and do not worry about getting cut because they know their own value and worth. They are strong willed, brave, confident and create opportunities for themselves when previously there were only walls. Eagles ask others for help and remain humble enough to celebrate their own success without boasting. Eagles ask others how they succeeded and what steps to take to obtain the same results differently. They invest in themselves by spending money for their brands, companies and personal development. They don’t take no for an answer and deal with rejection as being one step closer to a yes. They create solutions for people problems and then take massive action to implement their brilliant ideas, putting them to use for the greater good.

Are you plucking away at life?

While chickens seem to have fun just plucking away at life and walking around aimlessly with other chickens, they don’t get very far in life because they give up too easily. People that are like chickens are scared to try anything new or take risks. Chickens get distracted too easily and ultimately end up doing what is easiest. Chickens continuously make a lot of noise but hardly ever accomplish anything. Chickens don’t have a lot of self-esteem and allow other chickens to get them away from their journey because they quit before they even finish any task or significant goal. Chickens don’t positively condition their minds to compartmentalize their priorities, schedules and projects to maximize good use of their time. Chickens allow the opinions of others to define who they should become. Chickens learn to rough it and become accustomed to staying and living mediocre.

The last chapter of my recently published book, “The Connection Factor: Unlocking your Individual Potential through your Connections,” explores why and how to regularly audit your social circle. If you are hanging around people who are worlds apart from the levels you seek and desire to attain, you will not receive the proper nourishment for your spirit, mind or soul and will eventually die of malnutrition. As you make daily decisions about which voice to listen to, remember that the chicken coop is too restrictive. You are designed to be limitless and not to be limited. If you are not living out your God given purpose, you are limiting your growth and expansion.

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