Are you fully in control of your life?

Every decision and every choice shapes your future, from what you eat, to where you work and live and especially the people you spend your time with. Everything in your life, business and personal, exists because you first made a choice about it. Despite our parents making most of our decisions for our better and brighter future when we are very young, we start learning early how to choose between the options placed strategically in front of us and make decisions.

Who is making critical decisions for you in your life?

We all make a myriad of decisions every living day of our lives. Some of these are low level with low stakes results which speak more into our personal preferences and less about impact. This is not the case with powerful decisions. These are the ones that change the course of our lives, requiring us to go way beyond reason and logic, straight into our hearts, to find answers that are truthful, though not necessarily popular or easy. Powerful decisions never lead you down the conventional path. Instead, they provide you an opportunity to honour and advance your values. These decisions are real life enactments of what you stand for and who you are. Who is making this level of decisions for you in your life?

Defending our decisions

When we make powerful decisions we need to be well equipped with weapons to deal with the internal and external resistance that follows these paradigm shifts. We should expect resistance to show up just when we are making progressive strides, so it’s in our best interests to fully invest in our arsenal bank in advance. This calls for self-confidence, integrity and the ability to discern between inner voices that come from fear, and those that deliver messages from the heart. When you make a bold decision, you will undoubtedly find yourself in the uncomfortable place of not knowing what to do next. This should not be wasted because uncertainty in itself inspires brilliance, which helps you to get absolutely clear about what you want and why you want it. When you find yourself in this place, choices and actions appear, steps are taken and a fresh journey begins towards a significant life.

What is Your Excuse?

Is your comfort zone working for you? The decision not to do anything is the easiest decision to make. Sometimes we have a choice that could change our lives for the better, but we decide not to do it because we may feel it is safer to be in our comfort zone. If you want to get to the next level in your life and make changes, then the decision in yours. What are the things in your life, the conditions in which you live, that you claim are holding you back? Have you examined them closely to see if that is really true, or if it’s mostly a lack of decision on your part? Is there anyone who had it worse and is doing better than you? What’s your excuse? More importantly, when will you decide to stop hiding behind your excuses and face your destiny? Decisions, not your conditions, will shape your life moving forward. If your decision is to do nothing, that decision, not your conditions, will define your life.

Powerful decisions are not easy, but making them grants us access to what we most long for—to feel empowered, authentic, and capable of stepping beyond what we believe ourselves to be. What powerful decisions have you made? What did you learn in the process? How have these decisions changed your life? It is our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny.

Who is calling the shots?

Consider the decisions you have made today. From the food you have eaten, the clothes you are wearing, the people you are with, what you are watching, reading and listening to. Did you make those choices and are you happy with them? Do you feel that they are the most excellent for who you are and where you are going in life? My personal power principle says “Let Excellence Be Your Only Competitor.” Sadly, too many times we measure ourselves against limited potential and feel we have arrived when there is always yet a more excellent way. Determine to pursue excellence as you take full control of your life.

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