Reflections on the spirit of liberation

The week that has gone before us marks a significant season which saw the republic of Zimbabwe commemorating her independence gained from colonial rule. Thirty-eight years ago, Prince Charles was there to remove the Union Jack and the Zimbabwe flag was lifted. As the flag of Britain came down physically and symbolically, whilst the new Zimbabwean flag was hoisted up in the air within the emotionally charged atmosphere at Rufaro Stadium on the 18th of April 1980, many hopes were pinned on the statement that the vibrant, multi-coloured flag made in the Zimbabwean atmosphere. The euphoria from there rolled on countrywide to street parties in every town. As we reflect and ponder on the meaning of this liberation to the people of Zimbabwe from socioeconomic and political perspectives, it would be remiss for us to not find occasion to reflect on the true meaning of liberation. Through this instalment I endeavour to inspire us all this week in our individual and corporate lives to assess what true liberation means for our lives and entities.

In what state does liberation exist?

More than four years ago to this date, when I started contributing weekly to this column of the Standard Style magazine, I was deeply moved to share on the subject of being released from the limiting grip of guilt and self-condemnation. There were so many inspirational topics I could have chosen as my maiden article contribution to this paper. I however strongly believed that before individuals could be inspired to move on meaningfully in any area of their lives, they would need to offload the weights that burden their conscience and slow them down from making bold, courageous aims at life. How do you verify the presence of liberation in your physical environment? How do you testify to the existence of real liberation in your body, mind, soul, and spirit? Can you truly stand and proclaim that you are living a fully emancipated life that is free from any form of bondage, oppression or limitation? Is it possible for liberation be touched, felt, seen or experienced? How do you know that you are truly liberated to pursue your vision, dreams and goals?

Can you use your mind to change your mindset?

Many times we engage in various types of warfare on different dimensions in a bid to breakthrough to a higher place where we are not subjugated to domination from an external force. There are many books that have been written on strategy and tactical approaches that help us to deal with third party adversaries. The art of war that we understand often prepares us to look out for the approach of our exploiters and how to disarm them. But how do we wage the war when our enemy is within us? What weapons of warfare do we use and do we understand the rules of engagement? How do we equip our minds to deal with and overcome the enemy within? One of the most challenging things a human being will encounter in their lives is using their own mind to change their mindset. True liberation for any individual can only be realised when they are free from any form of mental or emotional bondage and oppression. The thoughts that we entertain and process, have the power to liberate us or to keep us bound in fear, whether real or imagined. It is possible to overcome mental and emotional bondage. It is once decision away and depends on how badly we want it.

Are you enjoying the spirit of liberty?

As a deeply spiritual person, I have intricately interwoven the transformational power of the spirit of God within my work in personal and organisational development. As an agent of transformation, poised to build value based thought leaders, one of the methods I use to unlock and unleash the great potential that lies in individuals and institutions is through conducting spiritual audits. Some of the shackles that render us limited or immobile are not physical or mental, but rather they require a deep uprooting and breaking of certain elements from a spiritual dimension. Sometimes the things that tie us down are deeply tied in the relationships that we are connected to. In my recent published book titled The Connection Factor, I analyse some of the connections within our lives that hold us back from realising our innate abilities. It is important to regularly conduct an audit of our social and relational circles so that we know which relationships to maintain, promote or demote. Until and unless we identity the root cause of our stagnancy and limitations, we may needlessly expend very expensive armoury whilst targeting the wrong dimension and source of incapacitation.

Have you dealt with your physical limitations?

The essence of true liberation lies in our ability to manoeuvre within and around our physical environment void of weights and obstacles. Some of these are found in our health due to deficiencies or lack of proper fitness and nutrition. Problems that result in lack of fitness can bring untold suffering in our bodies. If our homes and physical environments exist in a state of chaos and poor management, we can never enjoy true liberation to become the best version of ourselves.

True liberation can only be enjoyed on a multidimensional level in the same way that a human being is a multidimensional being. Even organisations who strive to thrive in a competitive environment cannot enjoy the fulfilment of their vision until they position themselves to become totally liberated from those things that threaten their relations with their various internal and external stakeholders. True liberation therefore is a culmination of thorough introspection and wise, decisive, forward thinking actions.

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