Who Do you Need in Your Life Right Now?

The definition of progress is often dominated by money, technology, and education. Well-being on the other hand is associated with material and cognitive status. Until progress is well understood in its proper context, there is a danger of underestimating social, emotional and spiritual contributions to one’s being. So, how are you defining your progress to date?

Who are the closest people surrounding you right now? Do you admire their qualities? Can you trust them to watch your back? When a person confidently says they have your back it means they are there to help you out, they will watch out and take care of the things you are likely to miss, that they are a second set of eyes and hands for you. You cannot accomplish great things alone or with unproductive relationships. You need a team around you who will bring out the best in you. You want people who believe in you and who will go the extra mile to help you manifest your dreams. Successful people are careful to attract those who are like they are, and repel those whom they do not wish to be like. Make friends with people who share the same energy and zest for life that you do. You want your inner circle to bring you up, never down. Get to know individuals who are smarter than you, and more experienced. Work with people who will challenge your opinions in an effective and intellectual way. You want to be encouraged and focused, not crestfallen and distracted by other peoples’ lack of productivity.

Who do you need around you?

The Encourager:

You want someone who will motivate you, intercede on your behalf and remind you of how awesome you are. You should feel rejuvenated after talking with them.

The Truth-Teller:

You need to balance out encouragement with accountability and honesty. This should be someone from which you receive constructive criticism well. You will never grow unless you can be honest with yourself and sometimes it takes another set of eyes to help us out.

The Wise One:

You need someone you can call and run ideas or dilemmas by. They will be your sounding board because they are able to offer sound advice. The way they live their life will be evidence of their wisdom.

The Expert:

An expert in your field of aspiration will help you think outside the box, presents ideas and pushes you to aim higher. They will be able to give you inside information because they have been there and done that.

The Strategist:

You absolutely need an organizer, someone who is detail oriented and knows how to connect the dots. They are the one who plans the event, makes the reservations, does the research and coordinates the schedule.

Why do we hold on to the past?

The fear of leaving your comfort zone. Learning to let go of old habits, ideas, people who are not serving your best interests is not an easy task for anyone. For others letting go is always somewhat scary, especially because the future is completely unknown and unpredictable, and this is very unnerving for most people. If you hold onto things from the past, you have a basis for managing attitudes, relationships, but because the future is unpredictable it is much more difficult to plan ahead. The not knowing is enough to keep many people stuck in unhealthy lifestyles, bad relationships and poor habits that hold them back from becoming their best self. If it is easy or comfortable is it really your true future? Another block to moving on in your life is thinking you will lose some essential part of your identity, personality, friendship, family relations or other parts of yourself that you value. It is unfortunate, but many of us do not really know our deepest self, our deepest identity, and even who our real friends are. If you truly embrace your future, and move ahead by letting go of your past, more, not less of your personality and gifts will manifest.

Who is sharpening your iron?

Deciding who to let in your inner circle requires discernment and wisdom. Your personality type also matters too. Making the right choice will determine your interaction with the individual. The question that most people have is whether they should find a role model, a mentor or a coach. So what is the difference? A role model is an individual in which the behaviour is observed from a distance. A mentor is someone that the individual works with on a fairly regular basis. It involves observing the mentor but also includes the opportunity for discussion, evaluation and progress through two-way communication between the mentor and the mentee. The individual and their coach on the other hand have a task based relationship. A coach looks at you work and gives you advice on how to improve your results.

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