You can Push Reset and Finish 2020 strong

2020 was the year that no one was expecting. Three quarters in, businesses, families and individuals alike have been forced to pivot, adapt and perform in circumstances far beyond anyone’s control. We have all learned a lot from 2020—but it’s not over yet. With Q4 encroaching towards an end, now might be a good moment to pause and consider what has been lost, gained and discovered thus far—and where to go from here.

Setbacks should not control you

Like many of the New Year’s resolutions set this past January, unforeseen circumstances likely made your goals much more difficult to achieve. For many, objectives were shifted around and some plans had to take a backseat. However, we do not have to allow one setback to control us. What adjustments have you made to find success in your new schedule?

Review and Refresh Your Goals

This year hasn’t gone the way any of us planned. In January, we all had high hopes for a new decade, but COVID had other plans. In this last quarter, it is not too late to salvage the year. It is still possible to push the reset button and finish 2020 strong.

It may seem reasonable to evaluate your goals by looking at how much time has passed and then determining your progress at accomplishing them thus far. In any typical year, that would make sense. But not in 2020. So much has transpired this year, between layoffs, school closures, and social distancing. It almost seems impossible to think that you would be on track with any of the goals you set in January.

I recommend starting fresh, reassessing what is important to you now, and setting new goals with realistic timelines. Despite lockdown restrictions being lifted in some nations, our lifestyles have changed going forward, and new policies will prevent us from carrying out tasks as we normally would. You won’t be able to measure your success the way you did in previous years, and that’s OK. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and take it one day at a time.

No one could predict Covid-19 showing up and overtaking lives and workplaces across the globe, but there are still measurable aspects to assess. Picture yourself at the finish line. You have what it takes to still finish strong. Are you proud of the adaptability you’ve shown? Things may not always go the way we plan, so we must be ready to adjust to maintain momentum.

When looking back, you can learn what worked best, what came short of expectations, and what adjustments can be had. If you had your goals and resolutions written down, take time to assess the significant challenges and key lessons you’ve learned. Were your goals realistic or improbable? Maybe you didn’t meet every expectation, but there are likely still reasons to celebrate.

Embrace Change

The prevailing theme for 2020 seems to be “the new normal.” That said, the way we interact and conduct business is changing and will continue to evolve. Travel, conferences, concerts, and even just going out to eat will be different going forward. With these social shifts, we will have to be flexible and more patient.

Trying to fight the new systems in place and reverting to previous behaviours or methods will only cause you frustration in the end. Take every day in stride and anticipate service delays, modified hours, or unexpected closures from businesses that you may depend on. This year has taught us that anything is possible and to expect the unexpected.

Making Q4 count

No matter how tough the first three quarters have been, organisations and individuals can finish 2020 way better than it started. Here are some steps that can help you assess your year thus far and strengthen your trajectory toward success.


Honest evaluation may be painful at times, revealing major areas of improvement, but it’s absolutely necessary. Ask probing questions like: What did we do right? Where did we fail? Are we open to ideas and contributions from various perspectives? What new opportunities has the pandemic created for our organisations, families and individual lives? What old models and ways of living or doing business need to be left behind? Then, get ready to act on the answers.


Once you have evaluated your response to the organisational and individual challenges of COVID-19, it’s time to cut loose whatever is not working. That could be anything from relationship management, workflow or project management to the technology you use to get work done. Don’t feel like you have to use something that isn’t working just because it’s available. In a word, streamline.

Give credit

Getting through the roughest couple of months in recent memory is worth some recognition. We should give ourselves and those around us credit for operating during such unprecedented times. Resilience and adaptability are two of the core pillars in human nature. How individuals, families and organisations ignite these attributes in their spaces now will serve them well in the future.

So give credit where it’s due to yourself, your family, your employees and your organisation, for all you have achieved during these trying times.

Make Your Mental Health a Priority

The stress from staying home has taken its toll on many of us. Waking up each morning to hear the death rates from the previous day is heart-breaking, and it’s traumatic to miss important milestones like weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc. Living under the current circumstances would affect even the most stable individuals.

Depression, alcoholism, and drug use have increased since lockdown began. We all need to make our mental health a priority to stay healthy. Activities like prayer, meditation and stress-reducing hobbies can help to relax your mind and ease anxiety. If you are overwhelmed or feel alone, reach out to someone who can help.

Ready or not, the finish line is nigh

Whichever way you could be feeling about your 2020, it’s coming to a close. Company profits and personal productivity may not measure up to where you were at this time last year, but the lessons learned can hold tremendous value for a positive future. Don’t miss your opportunity to finish 2020 strong—and way better. Push the reset button and give the remainder of the year your best possible shot.

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