You have what it takes to create an atmosphere

Life doesn’t proceed in a linear fashion; it moves in seasons – cyclical rhythms. Different responses are needed in different seasons. What is right for one season may be inappropriate or unnecessary in another. Think of some of the characteristics of each of the four seasons. Summer is a time of harvest, joy, holidays, ‘rest & recreation’, storing up for the future, but also dryness and scorching heat. We enjoy summer, but we need the other seasons to sustain life. In Autumn, this is a time where winds of change blow through your life, of feeling unsettled, uncertainty, the ground shifting, cultivation of the ground in preparation for the season to come, pruning, things seem to be cooling down or even dying off. Winter is often characterised by barrenness, darkness, no evident life, things seem to be at a halt, lack of apparent progress, growth is hidden, you’re in a valley, things don’t feel as exciting as they used to, a time of introspection and internal searching. In spring we experience new life, breakthrough, growth, emerging fruit, productivity, passion reignited, sowing seed, new dreams and visions, movement, rapid change. Looking back, you can often see that you learned and grew the most in the hardest times.

You can become the force that transforms your environment

Your thoughts and feelings, and the mental and emotional vibrations that emanate from you, create the atmosphere around you. People who are in your proximity sense this atmosphere and are affected by it. This atmosphere also determines their attitude toward you.

Do you sometimes, feel unhappy, or even depressed, when coming in contact with certain people? Do you sometimes, feel exhausted, as if your energy is gone? Do negative thoughts enter your mind for no reason? This could be because you are affected by the negative mental and emotional vibrations transmitted from the minds of negative people.

At other times, you might feel elated, happy and inspired or experience inner peace. This also might be the influence of someone’s vibrations. The stronger you are, the more control you have over your mind, and the more peaceful you are, the less other people will be able to affect you. The depth of you inner spirit has the capacity to shift an atmosphere or equally create the atmosphere you desire when you can apply the rules of engagement which include mastering purpose powered words.

You can become a positive force that affects and transforms your environment and the people around you. You can do so by being careful and aware of the thoughts you think and the feelings you experience. This is not an easy task, and requires attention, discipline and perseverance.

Appreciating different seasons

Seasons apply to every area of life. Developing the ability to recognise what season we’re in and doing our best to remain flexible enough to learn the lessons we need to will help us progress onto the next phase. Be willing to adapt, grow, learn and move. How we handle each season will prepare us for those that follow. And we should be careful not to judge those going through difficult times harshly, because none of us are immune to hardship. Seasons can be observed in relationships, finance, different decades, our education, career, and the different stages of our spiritual growth.

What is the perfect weather condition?

“Rain Rain Go Away” is a popular English language nursery rhyme which has been modified to various versions. Sometimes when the rain eventually comes in our lives we are not always prepared for it and we may even feel that it is disrupting our routine activities. I remember that as we were growing up we were taught that if we wanted the rain to go away we would throw grains of salt around the homestead. We believed that this would chase away the rain when we wanted to either play, work or needing the grains to dry in the sun or for the clothes to dry on the laundry line. So, what is the perfect weather condition? You may never have the perfect weather conditions that suit your fancy all the time. Regardless of your age or the weather conditions in whichever part of the world you may be, what is most important is to make a determined effort to create your own atmosphere within and around you. If you continually allow the external weather elements to determine your mood and your outlook on life you are bound to lose so many years waiting for the perfect conditions for you to unleash your potential or manifest in your areas of giftedness.

Have you walked through a wilderness that left you dry and parched in so many areas of your life? What have you done to refresh and replenish those areas? Do you have any bitterness because of the things that you have gone through? What will it take you to forgive and allow fresh water to wash through your pain? Who can help you to go through this? Do not allow the external weather elements to determine your mood and outlook on life. Go ahead and create your own atmosphere!

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