Hi, I’m Cynthia

Cynthia Chirinda is a Communications, Organisational and Personal Development Consultant. A Certified Life Coach, Author, and Strategist, her interventions in various organisations and institutions through Organizational Assessment, Change Management, Problem Solving, Team Building and Process Consulting have a proven record of organizational growth and development.

A recipient of several leadership awards, Cynthia has worked with various corporates, international development agencies, government ministries, coalitions, political organisations, faith based organisations and commissions in areas of leadership development, youth and women empowerment.

As a Transformation Agent, her ministry, publications and film productions carry a message that provokes people and institutions to challenge their comfort zones, live balanced lives and create trans-generational solutions through paradigm shifts.

A minister of the gospel with a prophetic voice to rebuild brokenness, Cynthia has served extensively in church ministry leadership and works in an advisory capacity with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) Women’s Ministry.

She is the founder of Women Politicians Incubator Zimbabwe (WOPIZ), Wholeness Incorporated and Director of Africa Reform Institute. Cynthia is a mother of five.

Publications and Multimedia Productions:

Cynthia’s published book titles include “The Connection Factor Series (a collection of 3 books),” “Can The Whole Woman Please Stand Up!”, “The Wealthy Diary of African Wisdom,” “Destination Wholeness – Going Beyond Brokenness,” “The Whole You – Vital Keys for Balanced Living” and “Intelligent Conversations: A mindset shift towards a developed Africa.” She is a co-author of “Success Within Reach. Her Film Productions Include “Women Rising in Africa,” “The Extra Mile, Women Leading in Positive Nation Building” and the “Intelligent Conversations” TV Series which inspires viewers to think about their respective contributions to Africa’s continuing development.

Cynthia provides the following professional services:

  • Strategy and Organisational Development
  • Transformational Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Soft Skills Training – Personal Effectiveness, Communication, Grooming and Presentation
  • Life Coaching – (Personal Development, Leadership, Career, Relationship, and Communication)
  • Team Development and Team Management Skills
  • Executive Administration and Secretarial Skills
  • Sales, Marketing and Networking Skills,
  • Motivational Power Talks
  • Key Note Speaking and Event Officiating
  • Christian Life Coaching and Word Ministry
  • Publishing Consultancy Services