“As an entrepreneur, I believe that a person’s geographical location should never become a limitation or determining factor for their influence and impact.”

Cynthia Chirinda

Cynthia is a creative spirit with a passion for critical thinking, research, and knowledge sharing. She uses written and audio-visual media to enable her message of personal, organisational and institutional transformation to be transmitted and made accessible on as many platforms as possible. Over the years Cynthia has established business and development ventures that create platforms for empowerment and transformation of individuals and communities.

Established in 2004, Traincor Business Consultants has been providing Marketing Consultancy Services, Organisational Strategy Design and Human Capital Solutions to a diverse clientele. Traincor was established as a response to the gap that existed in the market place for relevant, timely information as well as strategic design needed to make critical decisions at an organisational level. 

In 2009, Cynthia established Ethnic Ventures, a business that promotes sustainable economic and social development of African artists through the marketing of African lifestyle, Arts and Culture. Having been born in rural Zimbabwe herself, Cynthia was able to relate with the challenges of most of the uniquely talented artists from disadvantaged communities and backgrounds. This birthed the need to create various platforms to showcase their work and avail opportunities for training on branding and packaging themselves and their designs. 

Her clothing brand, CynCreations manufactures, distributes and markets a vast range of unique designs that enhance individual and corporate brand identity.

Leadership Development

As a leadership development consultant, Cynthia established Women Politicians Incubator Zimbabwe (WOPIZ) in 2010, which is a training and mentoring establishment that grooms women for values-based political leadership.

Cynthia also serves as the Director of Africa Reform Institute (ARI) is a faith based, non-partisan organisation that enables citizen participation for sustainable socio economic development in Africa, through the development of ethical leadership practice in the Private and Public Sectors.

Wholeness Incoroporated

Wholeness Incorporated (Pvt) Ltd provides a comprehensive range of consultancy services through its subsidiary registered entities – Wholeness Incorporated Coaching, Wholeness Incorporated Publishing, Wholeness Network, Wholeness Centre and Traincor Business Consultants.

These services include Marketing, Communications, Research, Human Capital Development and Organisational Development.

Since 2004 the organisation has been providing a range of comprehensive solutions to a diverse clientele across various sectors in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Wholeness Incorporated provides services that promote transformative action through critical thinking, documentation and knowledge sharing.  Under the Wholeness Incorporated banner are the following ventures:

Wholeness Incorporated Coaching

Wholeness Incorporated Coaching provides a variety of coaching services to assist individuals and teams, to effectively manage relationships and align their career to their life Purpose using a holistic approach.

Wholeness Incorporated Publishing

Wholeness Incorporated Publishing offers a full range publishing consultancy services ranging from critiquing and editorial services, to workshops and hands on advice from communication experts.

Wholeness Network

The Wholeness network provides edutainment through inspiring content that catalyses social, cultural, economic and political transformation in Africa.

Wholeness Centre

The Wholeness Centre is a spiritual support centre and community that facilitates Restoration, Inner Healing and Vitality for the biopsychosocial spiritual being using a holistic approach.

Cynthia's Achievements & Awards

Nominated for 100 Top Coaching Leaders (World HRD Congress – Mumbai, India, February 2018)

Top Female Innovative Business Leader of the Year Award (Women’s Leadership Awards, WOLA 2016)

Wholeness Incorporated awarded the Women’s Top Leadership Excellence Innovative Organization of the Year Award for championing women’s leadership roles and the advancement and emancipation women. (Women’s Leadership Awards, WOLA 2016)

Winner, Female entrepreneur of the year 2015 (Megafest Business Awards 2015 (Northern Region)

Zimbabwe’s Outstanding Women –Entrepreneur Category – Meeting of Minds Matriarch Awards 2015

Certificate of Recognition in the “Book of Zimbabwean Women” Alpha Media Holdings – 2013

Awarded the Best Marketing Student in Zimbabwe – Institute of Marketing Management (SA) 1999